The community of Alemgena is located just outside the city limits, to the southeast of Addis Ababa. Alemgena is considered a rural community, although it is fast becoming linked to Addis Ababa, with new housing developments and commercial business parks.

In 2007, Real Humanitarian began an education support program in cooperation with a local Ethiopian Charity called Yenege Tesfa Histenat, which translates into English as Kid’s Hope. This center has 50 active students in its program ranging from grade 1 (aged 5 years) to grade 12 (aged 18 years). Programs at this center are based on our Holistic Child Centered Network model.

During the day, students attend 1 of 3 of the schools in the area. These schools are very crowded, so students rotate shifts each month. An early shift means the student attends school from 8 am until noon, a late shift means the student attends school from 1 pm to 5 pm.

To accommodate, the Education Center also holds programs in shifts; the late shift students come to the center in the morning, and early shift students in the afternoon. All students receive a hot meal during their school day either at lunch or supper.

There are student clubs for traditional dance, music, computer, book club, soccer, drama, science, and model building. All club meetings are all held on site at the Alemgena Education center. Tutoring in basic course studies, as well as English Conversation, occur daily.

A special thanks to the Alberta Community Initiative Program for funding in 2014 and 2015.



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