In 2003, Dr. Northcott met with government leaders in the Ministry of Social and Labor Affairs (MOLSA), and the Child and Youth Affairs Organization Office (CYAO). Their strong recommendation to assist with current issues for children was to support foster based child care centers.

In the northern part of the City Of Addis Ababa, is a sub-city called Guelele, and was identified as an area that was extremely impoverished. This is where Real Humanitarian began its first Program in 2004.

Working with a local Ethiopian Charity, and the local Guelele government, over 400 orphaned and vulnerable children were recommended as needing this program. Available funding allowed for 40 of these children to be selected for registration.

A year later (2005), the program added 10 more students. Today it still has 50 students attending the program, although most of the original students are now in university, or have graduated from college, or vocational programs and are working.

Teachers offer help with school work, life skills training, health workshops, and personal grooming instruction. The Education Center provides them with access to a library, laundry, and shower facilities for personal care, and membership in democratically elected student-run clubs. Education Center clubs include a gymnastics club, art club, public speaking, drama, and a music club. This Education Center also has a computer lab for the students to learn basic skills.

Students attending this program now range in age from grade 1 (6 years old) to grade 12 (18 years old).



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