Education Support Programs

Our Holistic Child Centered Network is at the heart of every Program and Education Support Center

And the needs of every child is at the heart of our holistic model.

Holistic Model

Education alone,
or a hot meal alone,
is insufficient for a child to develop their potential.

Our model provides opportunities for healthy emotional, intellectual, social, and physical development. In our programs students feel special, cared for, and supported. They begin to believe that, if they do their part, they will have a better future.

Hope is a powerful motivational force. Students work hard every day to achieve their goals, to succeed at school, and to remove themselves from the cycle of poverty.


What will help each child reach their potential?
Filling in the gaps with after school care.

We built our program model by identifying common deficits in the developmental and emotional needs of the children being enrolled. Since 2005, the Holistic Child Centered Network has been in place to help fill those deficits and provide each child with a chance to succeed.

We provide a hot meal every day, tutoring and student interest clubs, school supplies, uniforms, and tuition fees, access to medical care and running water, a computer lab, library, play areas, and mentors who assist students and work with guardians and schools to ensure that students fully participate in both their classes at public school, and the after school center programs.

Students range from 5 -18 years old, and are in all grades at school. School days they come to the center for activities and homework aid or tutoring, and a meal. Weekends they come to use the shower and laundry facilities and to spend time with their friends. Each center has 50-70 students enrolled.

Children are supported in a family environment.

Most students have lost one or both of their parents and are living in a foster family situation with a surviving grandparent, aunt, uncle, older sibling, or neighbor when they enter the program. These families are monitored through monthly home visits and programs.