Real Humanitarian has had great success in seeing many students in the HCCN Model achieve acceptance into universities, colleges, technical and trade schools, and vocational training programs.

We have students enrolled in health officer training, nursing school, engineering programs, lab technician programs, accounting programs, hairdressing school, culinary school, computer technology institutions, attaining woodworking and metalworking certificates, and more. These students attend campuses in Addis Ababa, Jima, Dilla, and Gondar.

Depending on the type of post-secondary institution, and the city in which it is located, the students have a variety of costs such as tuition, transportation, books, and living expenses. These costs and fees can be prohibitive to a students being able to attend post-secondary education, even though they have been accepted.

The Scholarship Program has been developed in order to address those issues. Each student receives a monthly stipend, as well as tuition and books paid for during their post-secondary education. The student reports to the Real Humanitarian Addis office, to the Scholarship Program Manager. They provide receipts for transportation costs, books, and living expenses. They also report on their attendance at their classes, and grade standing at school. Once graduated and employed, the student commits to return 25% of the funds over a period of time, to assist future scholarship students.

Real Humanitarian facilitates an alumni type of spirit for all the students, regardless of which education center they attended, so they can connect with fellow students on the same campus and can support one another emotionally.We sponsor an annual get together for all scholarship students, usually during one of our expeditions. These allow the students to connect with one another during their semester break, and facilitate their friendships.

Real Humanitarian has a number of individuals who have set up grants and awards for students to apply to within our scholarship program. The students love the incentive to strive for good marks to be awarded a laptop or bursary funds.



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