Support Street Children and Mothers (SSCM) is a registered Ethiopian Charity that Real Humanitarian began working with in the fall of 2007. This organization assists homeless young adults by providing them with vocational training programs. It aims to provide 50–90 disadvantaged young men and women with vocational training yearly in one of three different areas: hairdressing, woodworking, or metalwork. The Vocational Training Center is provided with basic operational funds from Real Humanitarian. SSCM has graduated over 350 students since Real Humanitarian began supporting this project.

This program is housed on SCCM’s own compound with buildings and education materials in the Urael area of the City of Addis Ababa. It would be considered an inner city area of Addis Ababa.

Students attend the center during the week for nine months of classroom training and end with one month of practicum training at a job site, outside the center. Each successful student earns a certificate of trade approved by the Ethiopian Government. The project incorporates small business training to help the individuals operate small businesses, utilizing the skills they obtained in the program, and staff training to help improve the quality of education offered to the students.



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