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Summertime Sponsorship Update
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June 2020
Student Activity Report

It is the middle of the 2020 year!
Your students are doing the best they can, with all the changes to their lives and education.
Their usual routines have been eclipsed by the COVID19 global health precautions.

View a full report of program and tutoring activities here

We are doing our best, with our program managers, to help them through the summer.

What’s happening with our programs?

The full education support experience that our afterschool programs offer is not currently possible.  Special interest clubs, leadership, and other student mentoring programs are unable to be held. The students are actively completing the weekly tutorial packages, which now also include fun and creative activities as well as education curriculum materials.


As we enter the rainy season of Ethiopia, students will continue to study at home, and we will continue to provide them with both academic and creative work to help them keep up with their school year, and have something that will challenge their creative minds.

June 1st 2020 COVID19 Statistics for Ethiopia

1431 confirmed cases
16 deaths

What’s been happening in your student’s daily life?
A timeline of changes in Ethiopia

March 23rd:
  • All public and private schools were given instructions to close. Very quickly after this, our education centers were also closed to their regular afterschool clubs, tutoring programs, and hot daily meal. 
  • Our Programs begin nutrition and hygiene package distribution support at each afterschool center. Plans are made to do this monthly. Student families reported that they had already been several days without any food.

April 1st:

  • Open markets, night clubs, business offices are all closed.  Most student households are affected by these changes and guardians are unemployed.
  • Government workers, courts, and commercial offices were asked to work from home. Country wide, bus transportation was limited to half capacity, and the price doubled to use it. Contract taxis, Bajaj transportation, and horse drawn carts also had the same restrictions, and price doubling.
  • From our centers: education workbook and tutorial package distribution for all grades was initiated, with plans to distribute weekly.

April 30th

  • Domestic flights dramatically reduced, international flights reduced
  • Highway closures went to a rotating basis (open on specific days only, to allow food and production items movement in the country)
  • Cities enforce vehicle restrictions on the roads:  even numbered licensed vehicles on one day, odd numbered on the opposite days.
  • Our program centers complete 2nd nutrition and hygiene distribution at after school centers.

May 15th

  • Some restrictions eased: government, business, and court offices are open some days per week. Many of them have workers the office, but are not open to walk-in business

May 26th

  • Mandatory wearing of masks in public places initiated, with fines for noncompliance
  • Government and businesses open part time, with COVID precautions
  • Our program centers prepare for 3rd nutrition and hygiene distribution.
  • Ethiopia announces it will not open schools again until the fall. All national examinations have been postponed, with plans for student to write in the fall for this past academic year.

Before the changes of COVID19, a travel team from Canada was able to visit many of the students and offer health care services along with fun activities.  In the Alemgena program, a student home received some much needed renovations to make it more livable.

You can view photos from each program by clicking on the program square below.
Alemgena Gulele
Kersa Turge

Students from all programs have been sending their heartfelt thank you’s to their sponsors and those who have contributed to the food and hygiene distributions.  You can read them here.


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